About Kees

Kouwenhoven Consultancy was founded by me, Kees Kouwenhoven.

My personal mission

In 1999 I discovered my personal mission: ‘to create happiness’. With this mission as my guidance I have developed ‘Happiness at work’ and ‘Mental legacy happiness at work’. I enjoy the privilege of having many different organizations and individuals supporting and contributing to this realisation. Tens of thousands of people have cooperated. It fills me with gratitude and thankfulness that together we have managed to enlarge the happiness of many others. 

In 2010 I have made a hike from Delft to Assisi in Italy together with my wife Loes. For months we’ve strolled through Europe with only a backpack. It was a beautiful experience. In my book, ‘Doelgericht zwerven’ we tell the story of our pilgrim walk. The book tells our experience in twenty-five capturing stories. The beauty of the landscapes and the intimacy of the different townscapes is illustrated by Loes in twenty aquarelles.

During our hike I have taught myself many traits like living in the ‘here and now’, to perform within my own capacity, to look for the unexpected and to hold your course. Through a sophisticated three-day-during course ‘Doelgericht zwerven’ these traits are aspired to be conveyed to the course members. There’s no need to make the same journey, which takes months. With great respect I see and behold the changes and turn-arounds that the course members have made to their lives. I have seen heroes who have managed to, in spite of difficult circumstances, find their path towards happiness. 

Kouwenhoven Consultancy

I have started my business in the year 2000, one year after I discovered my personal mission, together with travel agencies, training organizations and independent entrepreneurs. Jointly, we are able to tackle large projects. Besides that, I am much in favour of enlisting the help of my client’s staff members. This strengthens the transfer of knowledge and the internal support.

Transition of knowledge is one of the big pillars in my company. I share my ideas with people and I teach them to practice these ideas. The knowledge and materials are sustained and maintained through the networkdays. A national network of coaches is connected to my company. In many cases employees are able to carry out projects independently, like an employee satisfaction study, because of this network.

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My customers love to implement new ideas. Discovering new methods inspires my clients and if required, they are willing to take risks. During that process, creativity, perseverance and a positive attitude are extremely helpful. My customers are not only big companies. I have supported independent entrepreneurs with forming their company and making it more successful as well. Doing this I use my experience gained working in a big consultancy business for sixteen years and being an independent entrepreneur for twenty years. 

A sample of the many dozens of organizations who have enlisted my help:

Corporate social responsibility

Inspired by my mission I strive to contribute to a flourishing society, with creating more Happiness at Work as an intrinsic part. Social service institutions, unable to afford advisors, can call on me. As an example; I have trained volunteers of Intermezzo in Zwolle to be a seven source coach of mental legacy. In this post cancer-care centrum for both survivors and relatives find inspiration to take matters into their owns hands again and to regain lost strength. 

I am more than willing to make my knowledge and experience available to, for instance, a food bank or a drop-in centre. I also support initiatives for the benefit of children. For example reducing bullying.